Megan and Dan

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How it all began...

From Megan's Point of View:

I met Dan for the first time in the summer of 2012. I had just finished my freshman year of college, and Dan had just finished his sophomore year. I remember him introducing himself to me at a Fourth of July party that his fraternity hosted. We talked for a bit in a crowded kitchen at the college house party, and then went separate ways. Later that night, as my (now) Matron of Honor and I were re-capping the events of the evening, I got a text from one of his fraternity brothers asking if he could give Dan my phone number. After Kaitlyn and I thoroughly inspected his Facebook page, I agreed to give him my number. We texted on and off the whole summer, and finally, in the fall of 2012, he convinced me to go out with him. At the annual Florida/Georgia football game, he messaged me while we were out tailgating. He kept telling me to come stop by their tailgate, and when I did, he had a few of his brothers standing on the back of a tailgate with signs that spelled "SEMI?" and he stood there to meet me with my favorite flowers. How could I say no?! We officially shared our first kiss that day. We went to semi-formal together and I can remember thinking that night that I could really fall for this guy, which was a very big deal for me at the time. After a whirlwind of a semester, we slowed things down a bit. Well, I slowed things down. I told Dan that I wasn't ready or looking for a serious relationship. At the time, I blamed it on the idea that I wanted to focus on myself and my friends, and school. But, looking back, I think that I was afraid. I really cared about Dan, and I knew he really cared about me, and I was afraid of somehow messing it all up. I thought it was too good to be true, and I thought that ending things at the time would be better than risking falling further for him and potentially getting my heart broken. After three weeks or so without talking to each other, I realized that I missed him too much and decided that he was worth the risk. My friends convinced me to text him again, and I'm thankful that the very same night I was with my friends, he happened to be with his. They convinced him to invite me to a Jaguars game with him for the following weekend. I had my second chance, and it did not disappoint. We had the absolute best time together that day at the game. When I think back to that day, I remember the feeling of pure joy that I had. I had finally let my walls down, and allowed myself to open up to Dan. After the game, he came over to my apartment and we talked for hours. We talked about our families, our childhood, our fondest memories and wildest fears. It is one of my favorite memories of all time. We were just so comfortable with each other, and from that day on, I've never had a doubt in my mind that we were meant to be together. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend in January, on a cold and windy night at Jax Beach. We've been together ever since. :)

From Dan's Point of View:
From what I recall, my fiancee's story is pretty accurate. I first saw Megan at the Student-Union during the Summer of 2012, and thankfully she was wearing her Greek letters, so that helped. Once I knew a name, I asked some fraternity brothers who knew her if she was normal... (It is a question always worth asking, haha.) The response from the guys was yes, she is normal, and down to earth. Fortunately, she did show up to our Fourth of July party and we talked for a little bit. I knew from that point this girl was worth going after and I would face many challenges ahead. If Megan was playing hard to get, she sure was good at it. She would respond to my text messages three to four days later... Once Fall came around we were able to hangout and I ended up inviting her to my Semi-Formal. The way I asked was a rare creative moment on my part, and it paid off. As the semester went on she got cold feet, and I didn't know her true feelings at the time other than what she told me and that was she didn't want a boyfriend. No hard feelings and I told her we can be friends. During winter break, I get a text from Megan and timing is everything. I was over at a friends house and they said I should invite her to the Jaguars game and my mindset was I have nothing to lose. We had a great time tailgating and our seats were up in the nosebleed section. Funny story we sat next to a 300 lb. man who had his shirt off, and was screaming at the top of his lungs. Made for some interesting entertainment, but definitely broke the ice. Anyways, we hung out after the game and truly got to know one another. The rest is history from there and I've been thankful to have this lady by my side.
Carolyn MacLaren